Updated : 6th February 2022

IMPORTANT! The PVRSC uses the Service NSW app please download it here.

As per the current health orders:

  • Masks are mandatory for all people over the age of 12. Government exemptions are accepted but if you are not going to wear a mask we think its a good idea to wear a badge stating you have an exemption for the comfort of others. Masks can only be removed when exercising/playing. Players, officials, coaches and spectators sitting must be wearing a mask. Masks are mandatory in all areas of the venue.

Always refer to for the latest restrictions and known hot spots.

As part of the protocols surrounding COVID-19, a Return to play format has been introduced by the PVRSC. The PVRSC will assist in ensuring the general guidelines below are followed, but are the responsibility of the hirer to work cooperatively with the facility. For any event where a fine is issued for not adhering to the current government guidelines the event hirer is liable for the fine.

The below plan is our standard procedure and special events/bookings may introduce their own additional requirements. Please check with the event/booking organiser. Bookings for significant events can be taken for future dates for a higher number of guests than permitted by the current Public Health Order, but patrons should be advised that their event will need to comply with restrictions in place at the time.


  • Participants are advised to QR scan in before entry via the Service NSW app. A parent can sign in, listing their dependants. The PVRSC uses the Service NSW app. please download it here. Backup is available on site for people who can’t QR check-in. Information is captured and stored for 28 days. Staff have signed a privacy policy and the PVRSC ensures your information is not shared.

  • If a participant leaves the stadium for any reason, they must come back in through the entry door ONLY.


  • All spectators are to comply with responsible and respectful social distancing where practical.


  • All person’s entering the facility must hand sanitize. Hand sanitiser is made available at entry and throughout the building. All sporting equipment should be sanitised upon entry. We encourage limiting the number of equipment.

  • Hand sanitizer will be placed on all benches for the use of all participants, officials. A COVID cleaning pack is provided on each score bench for sporting matches.


  • Used hard surface areas, change rooms and bathrooms are cleaned daily. High touch items are cleaned several times per day.