Maintenance Updates

The below table shows the status of maintence items to provide people with a general update of issues at the facility. This is not all the items but we like to explain why items may not be resolved yet. Often people assume items can be fixed quickly but it is not always that straight forward. The PVRSC aims to complete work which gets certified to ensure its not only safe but also completed to Australian standards and protects the PVRSC from any unsafe work practices. Their are delays due to COVID and then their are delays due to other factors like lack of materiels, high humidty levels or even bad weather which makes it dangerous. We have created this page to provide a simple update on highly discussed items.

Roof Leaks

Court and office roof leaks

Roof Leaks

Courts 5 and 6 have been rectified, some leaks exist on court 3 and we are awaiting a rain event to inspect the underside with a scissor lift. In addition Court skylight sheets only have a lifespan of 5-7 years which means they are nearing their end of life already. With the new LED lighting the PVRSC is exploring replacing the clear skylight sheeting with aluminum to reduce leaks.  

Court 5 Grandstand Timber Rot

Replace rotting timber

Top of grandstand

The building contractor is finalising a quote to replace. Expected to get a quote by 13.03.22. Aim to replace with a more weatherproof option, also complete if possible before painters are on site to paint if needed.

There are two purlins under the timber so risk of falling through is low but we ask people not to touch or stand on this.

Court 1 and 2 Grandstand Seating

Chair Replacements + Other


There are a number of issues with the seating on court 1. Often chairs are broken and people wonder why these are not replaced. Previously decisions were made to purchase chairs made in Italy and the minimum order qty is a full container which costs an enormous amount, more than what is needed. There is no stock in Australia. The layout is also wrong. An estimation has been provided to make the seating compliant and bring it up to standards, the cost is approx $900,000 and is part of the BCAR report. For now, when seats break due to people stepping on the back of them we simply grind the bolts out and leave the space empty. We have completed a full cost estimate of all items at the PVRSC but the priority see’s this not being replaced anytime soon unless a grant becomes available.

BCAR Report

$10+ million over the next 20 years

$10+ million over the next 20 years

Without going into detail, to repair the existing facility and meet today’ss BCA standards a report has been commissioned for the PVRSC. The Building Condition and Assessment Report (BCAR) looks at the life left in the facility for items and how to meet all the current BCA standards when making those repairs. The report finds $10 million + is required to rectify the current building which is phased in stages of work over the next 20 years. The PVRSC board is conducting strategic planning on the approach to these items. Meetings with the council to determine the best path forward is slated for 2022 with many options being discussed.  What is critical is that work completed doesn’t have regret costs later. The centre needs about $20mil to really modernise itself. If it wishes to add more facilities the PVRSC needs about $40 million.

Automated Volleyball System

Approx $125k

Automated Volleyball system.

To make our centre more staff friendly, increase storage and increase turn around time the centre aims to deliver an automated Volleyball system that drops from the ceiling. This includes the stands for the referees as part of the system.