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Basketball Hire

Full Court Basketball Hire

  • $74 – Senior / Casual Hire

  • $63 – Juniors / Club Training

  • $49 – School / Approved Development Programs

Half Court Basketball Hire

  • $37 – Seniors / Casual Hire

  • $31.50 – Juniors / Club Training

  • $24.50 – School / Approved Development Programs

Netball Hire

Full Court Netball Hire

  • $74 – Senior / Casual Hire

  • $63 – Juniors / Club Training

  • $49 – School / Approved Development Programs

Half Court Netball Hire

  • $37 – Senior / Casual Hire

  • $31.50 – Junior / Club Training

  • $24.50 – School / Approved Development Programs

Volleyball Hire

Full Court Volleyball Hire

  • $74 – Senior / Casual Hire (1 court)

  • $148 – Senior / Casual Hire (3 courts)

  • $49 – School / Approved Development Programs

At this point in time court 3 and 4 are the only courts available for Volleyball. There is a maximum of 3 Volleyball courts available. This is expected to change in the future.

Roller Derby

Full Court Hire

  • $74 – Senior / Casual Hire

  • $63 – Juniors / Club Training

Price is based on hirer using a micro-fiber cloth to clean break scuffs after the session. Otherwise, rate is $82. If the PVRSC post hire discovers scuff marks the rate is applied.


Full Court Hire

  • $82 – Casual Hire / Domestic Size Court

  • $164 – Casual Hire / International Court (excl. Line Marking)

  • $82- Juniors / Club Training

  • $49 – School / Approved Development Programs

Room Hire

Function Room

  • $50 – Casual Hire

Activity Room

  • $21 – Casual Hire

Event Setup Considerations

  • Line Marking Requirements ($100) per court + tape costs

  • Bump In & Out Time

  • Risk Assessment
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Court Requirements (Blood Bins / Scoring Equipment)
  • Equipment Setup
  • Foyer Setup
  • Table and Chair Setup / Layout
  • Electrical (240v, 3-phase, leads all electrical tagged)

  • Audio / PA system (Music + Microphones)

  • Tournament Office use / Officials Room
  • Outdoor Setup (BBQ, Tents etc) – Council permit maybe required
  • Overflow carpark

  • Projector / Screen ($25)
  • Lecturn ($10)
  • Special AV Requirements
  • Wifi Access + Hard Wired (Public)
  • Lighting Requirements
  • Kiosk Requirements (Opening/Closing Times)
  • Catering (Can be delivered to other venues too) – Self Catered

  • Urn ($20) / Cutlery /Party Hire

  • Security staff
  • Car Park Attendents
  • Food Servers & Cleaners during hire

  • First Aid Staff / Physio
  • Additional Waste Requirements ($10 cardboard, $100 general)


Do you have seats or chairs?2022-03-11T14:57:30+11:00

Yes we have chairs to use for your booking.

  • 211 – Standard Grey chairs
  • 24 – White Coke chairs
  • 13 – Orange school chairs
  • 11 – Older Soft pink chairs
Can I use my own cup for coffee?2020-11-09T23:59:03+11:00

PVRSC allows consumers to bring their own cup, we also have a green range of cups for purchase and reuse.

Does the stadium have a stage for performances?2020-11-06T00:03:11+11:00

Unfortunately, no the stadium does not have a stage but the event organiser can hire a platform (with the approval of management) and have it delivered directly to the premises for the event.

Can I run a Tab at the Kiosk for my event?2020-11-05T23:37:16+11:00

PVRSC allows tabs to be run within the kiosk to approved event organisers. Requests for a Kiosk tab must be in writing prior to the event for approval by the stadium management.

Can I hold a Fundraiser?2020-11-05T22:55:40+11:00

You have to get written approval from the Board of Directors and Management within the stadium for any fundraising event that you wish to have.

All fundraisers are at the discretion of the facility.

Can I sell merchandise in the foyer?2020-11-05T22:52:41+11:00

PVRSC allows the set up of tables in the main foyer for the selling of merchandise for a specific event.

Tables and chairs are available for the set up and the cost will be passed onto the hirer.

Can I have a BBQ outside?2020-11-05T22:50:39+11:00

If you require a BBQ outside for fundraising purposes, you will have to write a letter stating the reason for the fundraiser to the Stadium Management for approval then you must obtain a Temporary Food Holders Permit from the local Council.

There is a cost in obtaining the permit, please contact the local authority for this information.

All costs associated with the fundraiser are the responsibility of the hirer.


Does the facility have referees?2020-11-05T21:51:11+11:00

PVRSC have referees available for most sporting events.

These include basketball, volleyball and netball.

Penrith Basketball Association, Western Sydney Volleyball and Penrith District Netball all co-ordinate with the PVRSC to officiate at large tournaments.

We ask you to contact the facility for pricing of each the activity.

Is First Aid available?2020-11-05T02:01:29+11:00

At PVRSC we have staff members that are trained in Provide Emergency Life Support, Provide First Aid and  Provide CPR. If additional or dedicated services are required we recommend Medics Australia who can be contacted on 0403 653 184.

If you wish to provide your own First Aide Officer, they must have the appropriate qualifications and insurances which must be forwarded to the PVRSC management for approval.

Do you cater for special diets?2020-11-05T01:39:06+11:00

At PVRSC we can cater for most dietary requirements. We ask that you contact us directly to plan for your dietary needs.


Are fried food products cooked in the same oil?2020-11-05T01:52:19+11:00

Our kitchen and food-handling procedures are designed to help ensure your health and safety. While we carefully segregate ingredients to avoid possible traces or allergens, we cannot guarantee an allergen-free environment or products. Some of our products may contain traces of peanuts, nuts or gluten.

  • All fried products may be prepared in the same oil as chicken, cheese, fish and products containing gluten.

Should you have any concerns about our food allergy or intolerances, please speak to our staff before you order your food or drink.

Can you cater for an event?2020-11-05T00:45:36+11:00

Yes, we can. At PVRSC we offer a variety of catering options at very reasonable prices. We have menu options available on our website.

How do I find out more information?2020-11-05T00:04:20+11:00

You can contact the facility directly on 02 4731 3222 or Email at info@pvrsc.com.au

Can I inspect the venue before booking?2020-11-04T23:44:50+11:00

Yes, PVRSC welcomes any event organiser or association to come for an inspection before booking the facility.

Do you have a cooling system?2020-11-04T23:32:43+11:00

Yes, we do. The PVRSC has air coolers in every hall, and Function and Activity rooms are fully air conditioned.

How long can my event run into the night?2020-11-05T00:08:43+11:00

As the PVRSC are considered to be within the boundaries of a residential area and with Council restrictions in place.

Our trading hours are

9am – 11pm (Mon – Fri)

7.30am – 11pm (Sat)

9am – 10pm (Sun)


How many car spaces do you have?2020-11-05T00:07:34+11:00

PVRSC parking is around 450 on-site which excludes on-street parking. We have 87 spots including 2 disabled at the rear of the building, 189 spots including 3 disabled at the front of the building, also an overflow carpark consisting of roughly 180 spots.

Can I decorate for an event?2020-11-04T22:56:32+11:00

Yes you can. All decorations that are adhered to walls must be removable, with no damaged sustained. Any damage incurred will be charged to the event.

Can we have alcohol?2020-11-04T22:51:30+11:00

Yes, we can serve alcohol for sporting and sports related ancillary events, in our Function room and a designated area adjacent to our Main Show court.

Liquor and Gaming licence allows the service of alcohol between the hours of 10am – 10pm.


Do you provide security?2020-11-04T22:39:57+11:00

Yes, we can at an additional cost. We recommend for large monetary events that security be available.

Do we hold lost property?2020-11-04T22:29:25+11:00

Yes, we do. We hold all lost property for a period of two weeks after that time the stadium donates all property to our local charities.

Can we set up early?2020-11-04T22:23:13+11:00

Yes you can, but you will be charged from the time of arrival and set up(bump in) to the end of event. This will also include bump out time. This may not always be possible if your event is back to back with another event.

Can I use my own catering?2020-11-04T08:18:15+11:00

Yes. The PVRSC can offer a menu from our Kiosk but you are welcome to use your own.

Do I need to pay a deposit?2020-11-04T08:18:10+11:00

For casual hire bookings with a value of over $1,000 a 10% deposit is required. A refund can only be issued with 30 days notice from your event or if the PVRSC needs to cancel your event in the unlikely circumstances.

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